Friday, November 5, 2010

Potty Training Day 5

This morning I officially stopped trying to potty train. While we had made some improvements this week, Constance was becoming frustrated. Very frustrated. The last thing I want for her to do is to resent her potty chair!

To back track some, we bought her panties thinking that might help her out. She would be more comfortable in them and when/if she went potty she would feel the wetness of the cloth against her skin. However she did not like the panties on her so we took them off.

To go forward again, this morning I asked Constance if she wanted to wear her panties and she shook her head and said no. I then was going to let her run around diaper free, but she did not want that either. So I put a diaper on my moody child and threw in the towel. My plan is to try again in a month or so.

I was telling my husband that I think some of the issues we are having is because Constance does not strive to please us. For example, some children who get extra praise for sitting on the potty, will willingly go to the potty and sit at any given point, waiting for the approval and praise of their parent. While Constance likes praise, she could care less how excited we get for when she sits on the potty.

However, after I officially stopped potty training, Constance kept at it without my prompting. She will still head to the bathroom after she has gone potty in her diaper. Several times she would take off her diaper and sit on on the potty! She also came to tell me when she had a dirty diaper. I was feeding Levi at the time and she kept coming into the living room and pointing to her diaper. I asked her if she had a poopy diaper and she shook her head in confirmation that it was...and then ran straight for the bathroom. This evening, her daddy was able to coax her into her panties and she had no issue with them!

So where does that leave us? For now, we are going to go at her pace. If she wants to sit on the potty, great, and we will encourage her in any way we can.


  1. Keep it up, chica! You're doing great!

  2. You are wise, young grasshopper, to wait and simply go at whatever pace Constance wants to set. That will save a lot of frustration for you and her. I think she is doing really well, considering she isn't even two yet. It will be nice when you only have one in diapers, though, and save some money as well!



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