Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Memories Missing

I realized that by neglecting my blog I am forgetting some precious memories that I was to preserve. One would think that you could remember everything about the precious, tiring, and exciting baby/toddler days but in reality, you just can not remember everything. That kind of makes me sad. I want to jot down these memories so my kids can one day read them and giggle about themselves and each other.

So in review of the past 5 months-
*Constance is now 2.5 years old.
*She can talk in full sentences and says the cutest things.
*My personal favorites, "That sounds like fun!" "This is tasty." "Come on mama! Let's play with toys!"
*She is 32 pounds and wears size 3T in clothing and a size 8 in shoe.
*Constance loves, loves, loves fruit, especially strawberries.
*Other favorite foods- Pizza, crackers, Dora fruit snacks, and anything dealing with cake, cookies or ice cream.
*She has the silliest personality and loves to laugh.
*She has such a great imagination already and you can often find her carrying on conversations between her toys.
*She is a big help with Levi and is getting more affectionate with him. However she hates having to share her toys.
*Her hair is long enough now to put in pig tails and pony tails and I have started making my own hair bows for them.

Constance, Your daddy and I love having a little girl. You are so much fun and we love seeing you grow and change. We love watching you when we pray over our meals. You hold our hands and nod your head up and down. You are so smart and a huge blessing in our lives.
*Levi is 10.5 months old
*He has been crawling for awhile now and he is fast!
*He is also close to taking his first step. Yikes! Levi can stand up and sit down without holding onto anything and you can see his little mind working on how to do it.
*Levi has 6 teeth in. 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom
*At last check up a few months ago he weighed 23 pounds and was in the 97%.
*He wears 12 month clothing
*This boy loves to eat! Favorites would be crackers, cheerios, and bananas.
*He nurses 4-6 times a day.
*Levi rarely sleeps through the night. I try not to envy the mom's who say their kids have slept well their entire lives.
*He is soooo happy and has the sweetest smile and giggle.
*His back is very ticklish.
*He loves to play peak a boo
*While Levi is comfortable around others, he is such a mama's boy!
*He thinks his sister is the greatest thing next to his mama. His whole face lights up when she gets up in the morning. No one can make him laugh like Constance can.

Levi, You are such a busy, busy little boy! You love to be in the middle of everything. You are so very curious and never miss a thing. Your daddy and I love your sweet smile and your chubby belly is so kissable. We are so very thankful for you.


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