Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A great weekend

We had a great weekend this past weekend. Constance and I actually got to see Keith pretty much all weekend-and that has not happened in quite some time.

On Saturday we went to pick up some landscaping rock and then on to Guthrie KY where we ate some shredded bbq. It was delicious! We then went to Cold Stream Camp to visit some friends and to fish in their lake. The weather was beautiful. At some point Constance became very emotional…we think she just got to hot.

The first picture is of Constance with the fish that she caught.

The second picture with Keith holding the bass, I actually caught. It was funny. I was holding the baby and we put a worm on my hook and dropped it into the water. Shortly afterward I got a small fish. I pull it out and Keith took it off and throws the fish back in the water. He then part jokingly/part seriously suggests that I put the hook back in the water with NO bait to see what would happen. In about 20 seconds I got a bite, but when I went to pull up the fish it was obviously much larger than the first one. I had to hand over my pole to Keith because I could not reel it in AND hold the baby!

The third picture is of one of the fish that Keith caught…no he really did not eat it!

On Sunday evening we went fishing again at Dunbar Cave. I caught an easy three and then Keith started fishing. A guy down the lake from us caught a decent size bass and a few people are checking it out. Then Keith hooked a turtle. By the time he got it to the shore there were people everywhere, mainly kids. The turtle was so mad and it kept hissing at Keith as he held it for the kids to touch. It turned out that turtles have claws, at least this one did, and Keith accidentally dropped it on its back after getting clawed. The turtle was definitely not happy at this point and the hissing continued until Keith put the turtle back in. It was a yellow-belly slider.


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