Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am so proud!

Since Constance hated "tummy time" so much a friend of ours suggested we place her, tummy down, on her boppy pillow. That way she is not just on her tummy and it will still help get her arms strong when she pushes up. For a few weeks we have been doing that and she enjoys it so much more.

For a few days now, Constance will turn herself on her side but has never turned all the way over. However while I was sorting laundry I looked over and she had turned herself on her side and was trying to flip over. I stopped what I was doing to watch her and sure enough, she went from her back to her belly…twice!! She still has trouble getting that one arm to go out from underneath her. Not only that but when she did flip herself and I got her little hand out from underneath her she stayed raised up for a few minutes on her arms!

It was awesome!! I am so proud of her and a little sad. What happened to my "little" 9 pound 6 ounce baby?


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