Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have feet!

I made a great discovery today. I can see my feet again! Now some of you may be thinking why I did not discover this right after I gave birth. The answer, I just did not think about it before. I can now see my feet. I can paint my toenails in my favorite color of polish, black. I do not have to ask my husband (even though he was great while I was pregnant) to paint them for me. I can do it on my own! I can bend down without feeling uncomfortable and I am not out of breath when I stand back up! I do not have to pull the table further out just so I can sit down! I am fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes…not all of them…but that will come. I can sit on the couch and then get right back up again without my husband having to push me up! I can get out of bed normally instead of having to roll off! For that matter, I can sleep on my stomach again. I can think about certain foods, like potato soup, without wanting to toss my cookies!
If you have ever been pregnant you know exactly how I feel!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The baby seems to be back on schedule! It is very nice having her sleep through the night again. The cutest thing happened the other day. I picked her up after changing her diaper and we passed by the mirror in our bedroom. I stopped in front of it to see what she would do. For a few minutes she just stared at the mirror doing nothing. All of sudden she just started grinning from ear to ear at the reflection. She did the same thing today. Keith says that "she doesn’t know who it is, but whoever it is, that baby is awfully cute!"

One other thing that we are wondering about is when she will get some teeth? She drools and gnaws on her dragonfly all the time. From what we read and gathered from others who have gone before us in the parenting world is that it is different in all children. Some get their first tooth when they are two months old and then others do not get their first tooth till their nine months. Whenever it happens it will be pretty neat!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can not think of a title

After thinking it over and reading some of my last posts, I will probably not write every day. Maybe I will write every other day or as amusing things come up. So please keep checking it out!

With that being said, the baby and I had a great day. She had a good night's rest and went down fairly easily for all of her naps. When she was awake she was such a happy baby. We had some great mommy-daughter time and when Keith got home he was able to get in good dad-daughter time! We have such a good baby!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes! It happened!

I know all of you blog viewers have been anxiously awaiting this announcement…so here it is. Last night, after writing my blog post, our baby produced for us a messy diaper! It gets even better then that though. The baby woke up at 5a.m. with the alarm clock (after going 7 hours between feedings), ate well…tossed everything back up and then had an even worse diaper then the night before!

My life must be dull when I get excited about bad diapers…

Sunday, March 22, 2009

94 Days

Hello world of blog viewers,

I have been a mom now for 94 days! Nothing really exciting to report…but as I type that I just remembered that our baby slept (between the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of the next) ten hours! She started to stir at the four hour mark but I was successfully able to rock her back to sleep…three times, poor baby. The extra sleep was amazing.

The Bad
Constance has not had a bad diaper since the day before yesterday. Our doctor told us that going three or so days without a bowel movement is normal…it just has never happened to us till now. Not that I am necessarily complaining about that fact but I will be relieved when she produces one for us.


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