Thursday, March 26, 2009


The baby seems to be back on schedule! It is very nice having her sleep through the night again. The cutest thing happened the other day. I picked her up after changing her diaper and we passed by the mirror in our bedroom. I stopped in front of it to see what she would do. For a few minutes she just stared at the mirror doing nothing. All of sudden she just started grinning from ear to ear at the reflection. She did the same thing today. Keith says that "she doesn’t know who it is, but whoever it is, that baby is awfully cute!"

One other thing that we are wondering about is when she will get some teeth? She drools and gnaws on her dragonfly all the time. From what we read and gathered from others who have gone before us in the parenting world is that it is different in all children. Some get their first tooth when they are two months old and then others do not get their first tooth till their nine months. Whenever it happens it will be pretty neat!

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  1. Our little ball of toothless wonder! She is so cute with her ears and that great baby smile. My wife rocks! You are a great mom and an amazing wife! Keep up the awesome work.

    Especially yours,




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