Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Highlights and Lowlights

Sunday we had some friends over for lunch. In an effort to share with Constance, their 14 month old son ended up hitting our baby with a big Lego block. Regardless to say, she really did not appreciate that.

Monday Constance gave us a pretty bad diaper. I pulled her out of her exersaucer and knew she was dirty…I just did not know how much. When I laid her on her back the rest of the mess went up her back and all over her p.j.'s (which happen to be one of my favorites). Since she now thinks it is her job to roll in any direction she can when we change her diapers she started getting it on the front of her shirt as well, not to mention it was on the floor. I wiped her as clean as I possibly could and took off all her clothes so I could run some bath water. When I came back for Constance she had decided it would be fun to wet on our hardwood floor which of course was now all over her.

On Tuesday evening while watching a show on television, Constance was playing on the floor in front of us. Our cat Sugarwafer decided to come in and lay within arms reach of the baby. Within a very short amount of time she successfully grabbed his enticing tail and would not let go till we pried her fingers off. Thankfully Sugarwafer did not turn around and swipe at Constance.

Tuesday night she slept from 10p.m.-5a.m. and Keith was able to get her to go back to sleep till 7a.m. That has been the longest she has slept in a long time. I kept waking up wondering if she was alright.

Wednesday morning greets us and I discover that Constance has another tooth that has peaked its little sharp head. Hopefully that means she will start sleeping through the night again. If that is the case, a month long teething session just for one tooth is not going to cut it (Ha! Get it? Cut it, like she is cutting her teeth. I know I have too much time on my hands).

Another neat thing is that she is trying to figure out how to crawl. She will rise up on her hands as far as she can go and then scoot her knees under her for a few seconds and then fall. It will not be too much longer before she figures it out and then we will really have to watch her.

She also waves now…however her hand is always turned towards her when she does it. It looks like she is waving at herself! How cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Night

In reference to what my husband posted…Saturday night was not a good night. After traveling all day we thought Constance would go to sleep fairly easily and sleep through the night. Our little girl was not asleep till 10p.m. Keith and I went to bed shortly after she did, just to be woken up at 11:30 or midnight with her crying relentlessly. My husband went to her room and got her up. We gave her some baby oragel (I believe I felt a tooth coming in on the top) and I fed her. She fell back asleep after eating her fill and I put her back in her crib. Within seconds, Keith and I fell back asleep. Later that morning (to be exact, 3 a.m.), I was awakened by Keith coming back in our room holding our crying baby. He told me he had heard her start to stir and thought he heard a basketball being dribbled. Sure enough when he walked into Constance's room you could hear our neighbor's kids next door playing basketball. They had woken her up! He handed me the baby and said he was going to go talk to them. So in his pajamas Keith goes out and tells the group of kids (in the nicest way possible) that they woke up his baby and asked if they would stop playing. The group seemed to respond positively even though on his way back to the house one of the kids honks the car horn. By the time he gets back Constance is finished eating, and I am trying to get her to go back asleep. Almost as soon as Keith lays back down in bed we hear that basketball being played with again. We really did not want to call the cops so Keith takes the baby (against my protesting) and goes and talks to them. He tells them that he does not want to call the cops and he is just looking for respect. One of the young men that was standing over there tells Keith that he understands because he has a daughter as well. Keith looks over at him in surprise and asked how old he is. He said he was 18. Keith then asked how old his daughter was. He said she was 3! Keith in not so many words told him he needed to stop doing the things he was doing that made babies. Things went smoother and I think having Constance present helped. They did not playing basketball and we all slept till 7:30ish.


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