Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Solid Food Woes Continue

While at Constance's 9 month well-baby checkup we told the doctor our solid food-or should I say the lack of solid food, woes. She advised that it was possible that Constance just did not like the texture of the pureed baby food and we should consider giving her "regular" food just in really small pieces. Keith and I both felt relived at the thought of her starting to eat solid food which will help, eventually, in the weaning process.

This morning, instead of warming up a homemade food puree, I lightly toasted a piece of wheat toast. I took a portion of the toast and made some itty bitty bites and placed them on her high chair tray. She looked at the bread and then back at me like I had lost my mind. She played with it some but refused to put it in her mouth or let me do it. So I moved onto crushed fresh peach. Constance refused to open her mouth. I then put some of her new yogurt nibbles on the tray and she pushed them away angrily. Trying not to be frustrated I pulled a seedless red grape out of the fridge, removed the skin and cut it into itty bitty pieces. Constance has never seen or tasted a grape before so I thought she would be excited and at least try a bite. When I put it on her tray she loudly protested and frowned. I then put some banana down because for the past two days, when putting banana in her munchkin, she loved it. She loudly protested her annoyance again and refused to touch it. I put the rest of the banana in her munchkin and as soon as she took a bite her face wrinkled up like she hated banana. I half jokingly put my hand on her chest and prayed out loud that Constance would learn to love solid food. She burst into tears and moved my hand. I guess she likes her current situation of being strictly nursed and does not want God to interfere. 

9 months old

Constance is now 9 months old (Yikes! When did that happen?) and here is what she can do.

-Plays Peek-a-Bo by holding her blanket over her head, waiting for us to say, "Where is Constance?" When she takes it off her head she smiles really big as we say, "There she is!"

-Climbs on anything and everything and pulls herself up to the standing position.

-Constance can hold onto Keith or I with one hand while remaining standing.

-Once, holding onto the couch, she walked (shuffled) from one side of it to the other.

-Dances to music by moving her hands and swaying.

-Giggles easily!

-Throws fits by throwing herself back when we move her from something that she is not allowed to play with.

-Understands the word "No" (we think!)

-She does not associate the sounds with Keith or I yet but says "dadada" and "mamama" and also can make the "b" sound.

She also weighs 20 ¾ pounds and is 28 ½ inches long. She is no longer our chunky monkey! She is tall and her weight has evened out. She is now just slightly above the 50% for her weight.


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