Monday, February 21, 2011

The kids

The Good-
Levi is such a happy baby and loves his big sister. His whole face lights up when she is near and does everything in his power to get her attention.
Constance is So smart. She repeats anything and everything and LOVES to read.

The Bad-
Lack of sleep. I am tired. Keith is tired. We are both oh so tired. You get the point. Levi thinks sleep is for the weak. He is using sleep deprivation to break us.

The Ugly-
I put a fresh, cloth diaper on Levi and put him in his bouncer seat. A short while later after listening to him complain I went to pull him out. As I was getting ready to I noticed that one side of his diaper had come off and poopy was getting on everything! Ugh! I took off the other side and carried my half naked child like he had the plague into the living room to be cleaned up.

I love my little family. The Lord has surely blessed us.


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