Saturday, October 1, 2011

Constance's Sayings

I love how much my daughter can talk! She is so funny and so fill of life. Constance feels everything passionately. This is a very fun time and it also can be frustrating!

Here is some cute things she has been saying lately.

While acting very silly at her great grandmother's house last week, I said to Constance, "You are a mess kido." She looked at me and in a tone of disgust said, "I'm not a mess, I washed my face!"

That same week in our hotel room, it was way past Constance's bed time. She was wired! After I got Levi down I layed on one side of the bed behind Constance and my mom was laying on the bed in front of her. We were trying to get her to settle down by rubbing her back and head. I asked her if I could sing her a song. She asked for one about a bird. I did not know a bird song so I started making one up. It was all about how there was this baby bird who really needed to go to sleep and the mommy and nanny bird were doing all they knew how to get this baby bird to sleep. Constance looked up at me and said, "No! Baby Bird is not asleep, baby bird is awake!" My smart little girl knew I was talking about her.

Just yesterday- Me to Constance. "We need to put on your socks and shoes so we can go outside." Constance, "Me not want to put on shoes, me want to go in just my toes." Love that girl!


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