Saturday, October 30, 2010

For the love of a sister

I had Levi in his bouncer seat in the kitchen this morning. The back door was open and I was letting him soak in the rays. He was content and just chilling. When Constance saw that the door was open she went and closed it. Since the door is normally closed I guess that was the natural thing for her to do. I went and re-opened the door however. My daughter sees this and burst into tears and tries to close the door again. I tell her that "mommy wants to leave the door open." She gets upset and is crying again. A small noise behind me catches my attention. I turn to see little Levi's lip sticking out, his eyes are watery and he is whimpering a little. The more she cries the more he keeps sticking out his lip!

To distract Constance I tell her to turn around and talk to her brother. She turns around, and lets out a little giggle. Immediately, Levi stops whimpering and keeps grinning from ear to ear at her! It was SO cute! He was upset that his sister was upset and was happy when she calmed down.


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