Monday, January 25, 2010

First Step

Yesterday evening, Constance took her 1st step. Keith was holding her hands and had the baby walking to me. He let go of her and she took one step! It was awesome and I am thriled that both of us got to see it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rocking horse and a trip to the library

We have a little plastic rocking horse that is perfect for Constance’s size. For a week or so I would put her on the horse and let her rock away, all smiles. Then she would indicate that she wanted off and I would pick her up and put her back on the floor. Yesterday however, I was in the kitchen making cookies while my daughter played in the living room. I turned towards the room to see what she was up to and lo and behold, she was on the horse herself! She looked so pleased and I wish I had my camera handy. I figured she would rock some but that I would have to get her off the horse. The next time I turned around, she had just gotten off the horse successfully. Wow! She is so big! Now she can get on and off the horse at will.

After a rough night a few days ago I made the quick decision to load the baby up and head to the library. I wanted to have some books to read and a few movies to watch over the course of the weekend. After getting done with what I was looking for, I headed for the children’s section. I had never been in there before and it was awesome! They have a “little kid (toddler and under)” section with soft climbing mounds, and puzzles, toy trucks, puppets and hard books. I went ahead and got Constance out of her stroller and she immediately headed for the soft foam mounds. I tired not to think about all the germs she was being exposed to as my 13 month old crawled and touched everything that could be crawled on or touched. There were a few other little kids as well-one of who would randomly come up and take Constance’s toy whether I was right by her or not. What did the Grandma with the little 2 year old do about it? Nothing. She just chuckled, over and over again. Constance, who is usually not one to be bullied, did not mind giving up a toy every now and then. It irritated me though. Come on people! Grandma or not, you teach your (grand)children how to share! Regardless, Constance had a blast and did not want to leave. The lady who runs the kids section talked to me and convinced me to come and try their next “mom and baby” time. Basically, moms with kids who are infant-18 month will show up-your child sits in your lap and we sing songs, play with finger puppets and read stories. I am not too fond of this but the lady was very, very nice and I told her I would try it once.


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