Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Night Football

I have no pictures to show for it but we went to our first high school football game last night. We met up with some friends and originally Constance was not a happy camper. I guess it was because all the noise and all the people. She cried though and clung to me and to Keith. When we found our seats, Carol had a set of toy keys and let Constance play with them. She sat on my lap and played and chewed on the keys for the longest time. She then got brave and decided to stand up and look around. She did amazing even when the crowd became very loud after our team scored.

Another funny thing is that our baby has now realized that she can low crawl to ANYWHERE in the house…and she is FAST! She went from one side of the living room to down the hall to chasing the cat into our bedroom within a very short amount of time. Then when I went to bring her back into the living room she just cried and cried!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


In a round about way, Constance had her first popsicle. I had made homemade ones out of 100% cranberry juice for myself, but as soon as she saw mommy eating one, she wanted a taste. My baby trustingly opened up her mouth and sucked on the popsicle. Every now and then she would get more juice out of it and make a sour face but overall she seemed to enjoy it. In fact we shared the whole thing! That was the first time she has had anything close to juice.

Constance also celebrated her 8 month birthday yesterday and her 5th tooth has finally come through.


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