Monday, April 30, 2012

"Elmo's" and Shoes

Constance can easily identify body parts and has been for awhile. She correctly uses each name properly...except for her elbows. Without fail, no matter how much we correct her, if she hurts her elbows she will say, "I just hurt my ELMOS's mamma!" While we try not to encourage her to use other names for her body parts, it is just so cute when she says it! Also, I'm not sure if I had already posted this is or not, but Levi LOVES shoes! Slippers, rain boots, hiking boots, tennis shoes, sandals-you get the idea. He thinks they are all great and willingly lets us put his shoes on. He often gets mad if we take his shoes OFF before he is ready to have them off, especially if they are his Diego shoes!


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