Friday, June 19, 2009


Today was shot today and thankfully Constance did very well. To begin with she is still very healthy, the top of her weight range (she weighed 18 pounds 13 ounces) and was average in her height and head size. She does everything she is supposed too! We were also approved to feed her whatever we wanted too. Like I mentioned before we are going to be making our own baby food. We can puree meats-fish, chicken, beef. We can even puree noodles! We can't wait.

Okay back to the shots. We only got her one today, her DTaP. The nurse put the shot in and it took Constance a few moments to say, "Oh wow. That hurts." She cried for a few seconds and then gave some complaining noises but after that she was fine. She slept in the car on the way to the store, ate at Wall Mart and is now happily playing in her exersaucer. Next month we go back for one more shot.

Will it ever end?

I honestly believe that teething will never end. Seriously. She has been teething (or what we believe to be teething) ALL week long. Constance has not been her normal happy self and to top of our week her teeth have only grown just a tiny amount. Regardless to say I feel helpless in helping my baby feel better. Yes, we use oragel, teething rings, Tylenol, wash cloths etc… but you can't explain to a six month old why she feels the way she feels.

Today is Constance 6 month old birthday! Wow! Where has the time gone? One moment I am cuddling with a 9 pound mass of skin and fat and now I am wondering where my chunky wonder has rolled too.

Today is also Shot Day. She is only getting one, her DTaP. We hate the unknowns about shots. They are supposed to be helpful but more and more research reveals more problems with getting your munchkins these vaccines. Prayer. Lots of prayer is going into our baby.

We are still trying to decided what "first" homemade baby food to give her. Maybe it will be sweet potatoes. Maybe it will be squash. Maybe we will go against the "experts" and start with something sweet. Maybe we won't. Ha!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not a whole lot

Nothing new on the home front. Constance's two bottom teeth are slowly becoming bigger and boy are they sharp! She rolls everywhere and is so vocal! She has changed her schedule on me though for the past two weeks and we really do not have a consistent schedule at all. She does still sleep through the night so that is awesome.

At some point next week we will start her on real food! She loves her baby oatmeal when we give it to her and gets so excited. We are thinking about starting her on green beans or maybe squash. We will also probably alternate between veggies and fruits (a veggie the first time, a fruit the next, veggies, fruit…) I am excited about seeing her try new foods but not so excited about the diapers that will follow…

The Good: She is trying to figure out how to make her knees come up when she is on her belly. Crawling will be right around the corner.

The Ugly: I picked my Constance up from her exersaucer the other morning to cuddle with her. As I did that I had this weird wet sensation on my arm. And then I smelled it. Yep. You guessed it. Blow out diaper on the white onesie!


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