Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not a whole lot

Nothing new on the home front. Constance's two bottom teeth are slowly becoming bigger and boy are they sharp! She rolls everywhere and is so vocal! She has changed her schedule on me though for the past two weeks and we really do not have a consistent schedule at all. She does still sleep through the night so that is awesome.

At some point next week we will start her on real food! She loves her baby oatmeal when we give it to her and gets so excited. We are thinking about starting her on green beans or maybe squash. We will also probably alternate between veggies and fruits (a veggie the first time, a fruit the next, veggies, fruit…) I am excited about seeing her try new foods but not so excited about the diapers that will follow…

The Good: She is trying to figure out how to make her knees come up when she is on her belly. Crawling will be right around the corner.

The Ugly: I picked my Constance up from her exersaucer the other morning to cuddle with her. As I did that I had this weird wet sensation on my arm. And then I smelled it. Yep. You guessed it. Blow out diaper on the white onesie!

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  1. Hey sis,
    "They" say it's better to start with veggies because fruits are sweet and if babies taste the sweet stuff first, they tend to turn their noses up at veggies. But that's just what "they" say.

    I can't believe she's trying to crawl already. I'm missing so much!

    Elijah had a blow out diaper once that went all the way up his back. It was absolutely disgusting. Have fun with that! Just kidding. Hahaha!

    Miss you guys! Hugs and kisses!



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