Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Magic Vent

It was so cute! Constance was low crawling all around our living room the other day and just happened to be by the vent when the air conditioning kicked on. It blew on her face and she squealed and kept hitting the vent with her hand. I did not know whether or not to leave her there so I picked her up and moved her to the middle of the living room floor. She immediately turned toward where the vent was and low crawled as fast as she could to get there. Once the air was hitting her again she kept laughing and cackling at it while she hit it with her hand.

I wish we had it on video camera but we pulled out the laser light that our cat Oreo LOVES to chase. When Constance saw the light she kept hitting at it and trying to scoop it up with her hand. As soon as I began moving the light Constance low crawled towards it. When she reached it and hit her hand on the floor we would move the light again. Off she went after the laser light-from one side of the living room to the other. Oreo did not find it as amusing as we did.

We had three days of successful sweet potato eating but once I gave her applesauce again she would not eat anything solid. We also started her on pears yesterday. I hate pears-anything to do with pears actually. The smell of pear lotion, the pear itself, and pictures of pears-Yuck! However I wanted to give my daughter a chance to like the fruit. I think her reaction to them was one of the worst yet!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We are not crawling yet…but still very, very close. She try's to crawl toward a toy but after awhile decides it is easier for her to low crawl and get the item! It still surprises me when I walk in a room and she is sitting up after I had just seen her rolling on the floor. Today she was studying the objects on the couch wondering how to get to those. Our guess is that shortly after she crawls she will be up and walking.

Yesterday she ate a whole cube of sweet potatoes and I gave her a little more whole milk to drink. I do not think she has developed an opinion on milk yet. I had an amusing thought this morning. If Constance does not start liking solid food asap, she won't get to enjoy any of her 1st birthday cake! If nothing else, maybe I will be able to stick a candle in some yogurt and we can sing "Happy Birthday" to her that way.

We are also researching what the best (affordable) car seat is for Constance. She is about to outgrow her infant car seat. We might have been willing to just let her use that seat till she maximized the weight and height limit but the straps keep messing up on it.

The other day, Constance gave me three slobbery kisses without me prompting her…and she looked quite pleased with herself. It was great. She has also added a new noise to her vocabulary. "Ba."


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