Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Goat says...I'm not sure, what does a goat say?

Constance was very emotional for the two days that we gave her cow's milk so as a precaution we did not give it to her anymore. We had heard that goat's milk is better for a baby then cows milk so we went out and purchased some. That is when I wish we had a random goat running around our neighborhood! For two days we have been giving it to her and she seems to be fine with it. By "fine" I mean that she does not spit ALL of the milk back out, just some of it.

I still nurse full time with no sign of weaning around the corner. One book I read said to give Constance a partial feeding, give her solids and the finish nursing. One day, after a long nap (Constance's nap, not mine) I decided to give her solids BEFORE nursing. She ate as much as she would have as if I had waited a few hours after her normal feeding. I still make sure she has some sort of pureed food two times a day.

Another new thing we tried was giving her fresh fruit (peaches to be exact) in her Munchkin (it is a safe baby food feeding sack). We usually just throw an ice cube in it and she safely sucks on it and helps when we have teething issues. However she really seemed to enjoy the peach.

Tooth number 6 has broken through and it looks like she is working on tooth number 7. When that happens our baby typically does not sleep through the night. We miss the days of her sleeping from 9p.m.-7:30a.m. without interruption.

We were going for a walk the other day with some friends. I put Constance in her stroller and buckled one side. She started crying/screaming and I just assumed it was because she did not want to be in the stroller/take a nap. While I was trying to hook the other buckle I realized that her skin was pinched in the buckle! I immediately unhooked her and her daddy scooped her up. Now she has a good size round circle on her belly and I feel awful


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