Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fast and Furious

Levi. Oh my busy, busy boy. He moves all the time. If not his body his hands move or his feet wiggle. I think he even moves in his sleep.

My son is also very determined to get away with whatever HE wants to do. Hey mom, what is wrong with putting daddy's magazines IN the toilet? Why can't I touch or pull things OUT of the trash can? Isn't this wet wipe that was just used to clean me tasty? Gross. I know.

So this evening I am preparing him for Pajama Lama time. After wiping him down I decide to put some diaper rash cream on him. Do I have it with me? No. Is my husband available to get some for me? No. So I rush to the kitchen leaving my half naked child on the floor. I thought I had put some cream on the kitchen counter. Was it there? No. I then look at the medicine bag that we keep in the diaper bag. Was it there? No. I walk back into the living room to find the floor empty. Where was Levi? A sound to my left makes me realize that he crawled from the other side of the living room, down the hallway and was half way in the bathroom by the time I was done looking for the cream. How did I miss him going by?

The chase was on. As soon as Levi knew he had been spotted he made a quick turn and was crawling as fast as his chubby body would allow into the bathroom. As I was getting closer to him I heard these little grunts of annoyance and possibly anger. He did not want me to get him! In no time I picked him up and his legs started kicking and his angry noises got louder! How dare I stop him!! And all this from a 10.5 month old.

I love you son but you can't run around half naked and get into things in the bathroom.


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