Friday, February 5, 2010

Ashamed at my lack of posts

I do have a few good excuses though. One, is that my husband had three snow days this past week. We love having him home but our schedule does not stay the same when he is here. And for those who have not heard yet, we are pregnant with baby #2, due in September. Any “free” time I have, meaning when the baby goes down for her nap, I spend napping. I am doing better than I was a week ago so that is good news. Now if I could just get rid of feeling nauseous then that would be wonderful.

Back to Constance.

She is huge and has given up on walking. She can take up to 4 steps at a time but over the past four days I don’t think she has even taken one! I am not concerned about it though since I know she can walk. She is still a very busy little girl and plays non stop.

A month or so ago she had some fluid on one of her ears and kept pulling on them. Her doctor told us at her follow up appointment that it looked like her ears were clear but to look for signs of her not hearing right. If she stopped talking as much or did not make any new sounds or noises over the next little bit we should bring her back in. I guess Constance is fine because over the past two weeks her sounds and noises have increased and she talks all the time.


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