Friday, February 5, 2010

Ashamed at my lack of posts

I do have a few good excuses though. One, is that my husband had three snow days this past week. We love having him home but our schedule does not stay the same when he is here. And for those who have not heard yet, we are pregnant with baby #2, due in September. Any “free” time I have, meaning when the baby goes down for her nap, I spend napping. I am doing better than I was a week ago so that is good news. Now if I could just get rid of feeling nauseous then that would be wonderful.

Back to Constance.

She is huge and has given up on walking. She can take up to 4 steps at a time but over the past four days I don’t think she has even taken one! I am not concerned about it though since I know she can walk. She is still a very busy little girl and plays non stop.

A month or so ago she had some fluid on one of her ears and kept pulling on them. Her doctor told us at her follow up appointment that it looked like her ears were clear but to look for signs of her not hearing right. If she stopped talking as much or did not make any new sounds or noises over the next little bit we should bring her back in. I guess Constance is fine because over the past two weeks her sounds and noises have increased and she talks all the time.


  1. That's funny that Constance can walk, but has decided not to walk for the past few days! I'm sure the time will come very soon where she will simply take off across the room, as if she has been walking every day. She is probably practicing in secret and taking steps when you aren't looking, then taking off crawling when she thinks you are looking!

    Love you bunches,

  2. I can walk, I just don't want to. I'm waiting for grandpa to get here. Your with child? Wait I didn't get the memo, oh wait yes I (we) did with everyone else. I was expecing a call from Constance telling us of the good news but NOOOOO! Napping instead of posting, how rude. don't you know we want an hourly update on Miss Constance's progress... Hopefully Boris willget another snow day tomorrow. Have fun. Love ya. DAD

  3. whew, glad to read that constance is still making sounds! scary!?!

    we're so HAPPY for you guys! baby #2!!!

  4. She is not making syllable noises though, just gibberish. I have not heard Constance progress like I think she should be. The new sounds are not really sounds, just babble that happens sporadically. She is not learning anything or repeating the sounds she makes. And she still does not say "Mama". She might say something like it every now and then but you hardly ever hear it. What gives with that? I think I am "DaDa" and Heather is "Da".

    I love the "Let me in, let me in" picture.

    Love you,

    Daddy Moose

  5. Daddy Moose,

    I really feel like our baby is okay. She DOES make alot of new sounds...but you do work all day and through most evenings and do not get to experience the new sounds and noises she makes.

    We will keep an eye on her though and will voice our concerns at her Well Baby in March

  6. I wouldn't worry about her progress. She is very alert, very intelligent, and every time I've been around Constance I've heard her making new sounds from the time before. I think a lot of those sounds are the beginning of words she is storing up (she understands more than she can actually speak right now). And I know I've heard her say mama--or something very close to that--several times, especially when she is upset and needs mommy to do something to help!

  7. Wow! A new little babe, how fantastic!! Constance is a beauty; glad to read she is progressing in her adventures to walk & talk.

    By the way the library program is entertaining for the little ones. I've taken my 2 littles once, but it is probably nothing different than what you are already doing at home, just minus the other kiddos.



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