Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wet Baby

I had a blonde moment last night. My daughter had a wet diaper and I was in the process of changing her. My husband was on the computer and wanted me to look at some pictures that he was looking at. I had not put her diaper back on yet but decided she would be fine, diaper free, for a few minutes. Sure enough she wet again on the kitchen floor. Constance already needed a bath and Keith had just hopped in the shower. I figured that since she had just gone to the bathroom she would be okay for a few minutes to once again be diaper free. I set my naked baby on the living room floor as I was gathering her bath supplies…and you guessed it, she wet again! I just had to shake my head at myself and laugh as I hurriedly scooped up Constance and cleaned the floor.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm 25!!

I just realized it has been about a week since posting on my blog. Last week was busy and now I can sit and write. I do not think I have a lot of new information going on though.

Yesterday I turned 25! Yikes! In some ways I feel old and in other ways I don't. However we had a great weekend. On Saturday my husband, daughter and I went to the zoo. My parents gave me a year membership there so we were able to get in for free. Constance had more fun looking at all the other little children…. we could not get her to touch a goat at the petting zoo…but she did spot a meerkat and laughed at him! We had a good time. On Sunday we went to church, ate out and then went to the park for some fishing fun. When we got home we ate some birthday cake-chocolate chocolate with sprinkles, and started a fire in our homemade fire pit. Enough about me.

Constance still low crawls more then she crawls. It depends on the circumstance. If she is wants a toy she might get on all fours. If she is chasing the cat she low crawls as fast as she can!

Her 5th tooth has broken through and her 6th one is so close to being seen.

Another very cute thing is she is starting to move too music. She has a toy that makes music when she pushes the buttons. She will take both hands and move them up and down while the song is on. When it goes off, Constance will stop moving her hands and wait till it comes back on. It is awesome!


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