Saturday, October 23, 2010

A serious case of...

"Mom Guilt"

You are right folks, that is what I diagnosed myself with. Is it contagious? Not really. Some moms may have experienced this feeling from time to time during the course of their motherhood. Others may not have.

What is mom guilt you ask? For me, it is when you have more then one child and you have to "neglect" one child to tend to the other child. By no means am I neglecting Constance in a sense of food, shelter, love and security. However, Levi, is...well...a little on the needy side.

At this point my readers may jump in and say, "Of course he is needy! He is a newborn." To that I would reply, "Levi is more needy then the typical newborn needyness." (For all my English majors out there please don't cringe at my made up word). He eats roughly every two hours and really is not content unless he is being held. Holding him 24/7 is impossible and it cuts into my play time with my daughter.

For example, I lay Levi down (who is already fast asleep) and begin to play with my daughter. We are just starting to have a good time when Levi, who realizes he is no longer being held, wakes up crying. I try to ignore it at first and continue to play. Levi gets a little louder. I am getting a bit anxious but once again ignore the complaints coming from this tiny tyrant. Continue to play. The complaints turn into loud screams as I rush over to comfort him. My daughter is then left with incomplete and insufficient mommy time. And so goes my day. I have tried to give him a pacifier which he promptly spits out in disgust.

Do not get me wrong, I do get some uninterrupted time with Constance from time to time. I could just hold Levi while playing with her, but that does not seem fair.

Any advice from veteran mom's would be great!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What is new in the world of Constance you ask?
*She says so many new words now that I can not keep up with them! Her newest word is "Jesus" however. Keith and I certainly have a talker on our hands.

*Her favorite food is still fruit. Every meal she gets fruit and typically it is the only thing she will finish. She is trying new foods though which I am very thankful for.

*She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. I though she was going to be a lefty but over the past few weeks she has been favoring her right hand.

*She LOVES Dora the Explorer and will ask for her by name.

*I am convinced that she is going to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. I have never seen a child so young who is this interested in animals. She loves cats especially.

*Constance has the greatest personality. She has a way of making anything...exciting.

*She loves baths and playing outside.

*She is definitely almost two! We are slowly being introduced into the world of two year olds. She likes to push boundaries and can get upset over the simplest things!

*Constance is also very brave. The bigger the slide the better! She gets that from her daddy.

As for Mister Levi, there is not much to tell.
*He is a little over 1 month old. Wow! When did that happen?

*He acts like he is hungry all the time and usually does not make it past 2 hours during the day before he demands to be fed again. Thankfully at night, he goes a little longer then that.

*Levi is trying to set the record for how many diapers he can go through before he is 2 months old.

I love being a mommy!


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