Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Levi

Levi. My chunky chunk of a little boy. How I love your smiles and kisses. Mama is having a hard time realizing that you are no longer a baby. You are a little boy that wants to be included in everything and sees everything. Please forgive me for the times I overlook your feelings and wants because I forget that you are almost 16 months old. I had 21 months of practice with a little girl before you blessed our lives. I'm still learning how to manage a little guy!

You are into everything. You run everywhere. Forget about walking. You like to practice jumping. You really haven't had both feet leave the ground but you try. You love, love, love music. I wonder what you will be when you are grownup? I hope it will involve music. I see it in you. Music flows through your veins.

I love you my sweet little Levi toes.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Constance

Constance Elizabeth, you are 3 years old today. Wow! I want to rejoice and I feel a slight twinge of sadness. You are getting older. You are growing and changing every day. You started out as a not-so-tiny 9 pound 6 ounce 20 1/4 inch long baby and now you are talking in full sentences, know just about 1/2 of the alphabet and love to sing!

I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I became a mommy. One day when you are grown, I hope you will get to experience that love as well when you become a mommy.

You amaze me Constance. I get to experience life through your eyes. And everything is new to you. The moon and stars excite you! You never get tired of hearing the song, "The People on the Bus." You love to color and make up conversations between your stuffed animals and baby dolls and ponies. And what an imagination you have! Just recently we had to throw on clothes and go outside in the cold because your imaginary baby bird flew out the unopened window! You would not be satisfied till we captured your baby bird and returned him back in the house with his mommy and daddy.

You like to do things the same way every time. If your sippy cup is sitting on one side of your plate and at some point it is moved to the other side it must immediately be brought back to the original place it was. While we work on the computer at your favorite site StarFall, you always pick the exact same eyes, nose, hat, arms and buttons for the Build Your Own Snowman. Always.

You love chicken, bananas, grapes and strawberries. You have such a sweet tooth but especially love brownies and ice cream. You also love pizza.

You can count to 30 and know all your colors. You love, love, love to read. Right now you are into Clifford the Big Red Dog, Maisy Mouse, The Magic School Bus, The Bearenstein Bears and your ABC's books.

You have a few really good friends and ask about them constantly. You think playgrounds are the greatest thing ever and always go for the biggest slide and like to swing really high.

You love to color!

This year I am looking forward to watching you grow and learn even more than what you already do. I love that you like the song Jesus Loves Me and say that God loves you. I look forward to teaching you more about Jesus and His love for you. I look forward to you learning all of your alphabet letters, more numbers and hopefully you will start using the potty soon!

Always remember that your daddy and I love you with all of our hearts. You are such a blessing to us and are a great addition to our family. We can not imagine life without you. You are smart, beautiful, passionate and silly. Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl. You are so very special and so very much loved.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Constance's Sayings

I love how much my daughter can talk! She is so funny and so fill of life. Constance feels everything passionately. This is a very fun time and it also can be frustrating!

Here is some cute things she has been saying lately.

While acting very silly at her great grandmother's house last week, I said to Constance, "You are a mess kido." She looked at me and in a tone of disgust said, "I'm not a mess, I washed my face!"

That same week in our hotel room, it was way past Constance's bed time. She was wired! After I got Levi down I layed on one side of the bed behind Constance and my mom was laying on the bed in front of her. We were trying to get her to settle down by rubbing her back and head. I asked her if I could sing her a song. She asked for one about a bird. I did not know a bird song so I started making one up. It was all about how there was this baby bird who really needed to go to sleep and the mommy and nanny bird were doing all they knew how to get this baby bird to sleep. Constance looked up at me and said, "No! Baby Bird is not asleep, baby bird is awake!" My smart little girl knew I was talking about her.

Just yesterday- Me to Constance. "We need to put on your socks and shoes so we can go outside." Constance, "Me not want to put on shoes, me want to go in just my toes." Love that girl!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Levi-A day late

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet, sweet son! I cannot believe an entire year has passed since you came into this world and joined our family. I cannot imagine life without you and your big sister. God has truly blessed us indeed. You are the sweetest little boy and love to smile and giggle and give kisses-and sometimes you try to bite when you’re giving kisses. I’m not quite sure what compels you to do that.
You are walking everywhere and every day you become faster.

You think your big sister is the best and try to do everything that she does.

You are looking more and more like your daddy each day.

Puddles. You’re attracted to them. If it even slightly resembles a puddle you are right there to put your chubby hands in it.

You love to climb. Because of your love for climbing you get hurt pretty much every day. Your little lip sticks out and you let me hold you and cuddle you while your cry. For whatever reason, what comforts you is holding on to my hair in the back of my head. I love holding you close comforting you.

I wanted to write down your birth story before too many memories fade. I realize that as a boy you probably will not be interested in this as you get older but maybe your future children will want to read about it. Yikes! Just the thought that one day you will be a grown man with a wife and children of your own. That kind of makes me sad. Okay, back to your birth story.

When your daddy and I found out we were pregnant with you we really were not too surprised. One of the first signs that lead me to believe that I was pregnant was that I started to feel slightly queasy on and off. I took a pregnancy test a week or so after that started happening and it said I was pregnant. I was so happy! Your daddy, who was a teacher at the time, was still at school and I could not reach him by phone. I wanted to tell someone! So I ran over to our neighbors house with Constance and shared my news. When I got back to our house I tried to send a link to your daddy to let him know I was pregnant. He e-mailed back and said he could not open the song. I e-mailed him back and told him to call me. By that time I think he suspected something was up. I told me and he was just as happy.

Slight queasiness led to full blown “morning (aka all day) sickness.” That confirmed for me that I was having a girl since I was just as sick with Constance. I couldn’t even think about Nutri Grain bars without feeling sick! After about 4 months the sickness went away. We went to a doctor’s appointment for an ultra sound and found out that we were not having a girl, but a boy! I was so happy because I wanted the experience of having a little boy.

We picked out your name, especially for you. We both knew that Levi would be your first name but had trouble with your middle name. One day your daddy suggested that we name you, “Alexander the great.” I told him no way! However the next day I thought about “Levi Alexander.” I looked up what that name meant. We found out that Alexander meant “defending men.” Your daddy and I talked about it and loved it!
Your official due date was September 22, 2010.

On September 16, 2010 I went to a normal doctors appointment to make sure that you and I were both staying healthy. I was a little dilated but not too much. Nanny came up to babysit your sister and your daddy was at a parent/teacher conference at work. After my appointment we went out and ate Mexican food. Part way through the meal my belly started to hurt some but did not think much of it. The pain went away. I dropped Nanny and Constance back off at the house and went to go pick up some bed sheets and then to Walmart to pick up some more bedding (we had just bought a used king size bed). As I was walking into Walmart, my water broke. It was approximately 6:45p.m. Regardless to say I did not go shopping but got back in our van and drove home. I was a little anxious and scared. I kept wondering if my water really did break or not (I had a pad on which absorbed the fluid). When I got to the house I changed clothes and went to find nanny and Constance who had gone for a walk. My contractions had already started to come on pretty strong. I had to briefly stop a few times and wait for the pain to go away. I told Nanny what was going on and headed back in the house. I tried calling your daddy but could not get through.

Back in the house I laid on the couch where my contractions were coming on stronger and stronger. I continued to call your daddy but could not get through. I do not know how many messages I left for him. Come to find out he had left his phone at school and a friend was taking him home. So when your daddy does get home he rushes around the house trying to clean everything. I kept asking him what the plan was and he kept saying to tell him when I was ready to go to the hospital. Nanny and I remember me telling him several times that I was ready to go but he does not remember that. So finally I could not take it anymore and we kiss Constance goodbye and head to the hospital. My contractions were coming on super quick by then. Your daddy turned on the cars emergency lights and sped to the hospital. When we arrived I could barely walk without being in pain so your daddy ran up ahead to get me a wheel chair. We made a dramatic ER entrance and began filling out paperwork. At last the time arrived for me to be wheeled up to the OB ward. We got into one elevator but it would not go up. The doors would close but the elevator would not move! The nurse tried three times for it to go but we finally had to take another way.

When we get to the labor and delivery room the nurses acted like I am probably not really in labor-labor. I lay on the bed and all of a sudden start to feel nauseous. I asked the nurse if that was normal and she said it was if I was in the final stages of labor. I threw up in the trash can that your daddy found for me and the nurse checked to see how far dilated I was. I was 8cm dilated! We went from having one nurse in the room to ten nurses in the room. They started prepping me with IV’s and getting your little bed set up. The doctor on call was called and the head nurse came in to my room. She was great! I did not have to put my feet up but was just able to lay in bed with my legs propped up comfortably. We made it through each contraction. At some point I asked if I was still only 8cm and she said, “Nope, you are 10 cm.” (10cm is the largest mommy will get before giving birth). She asked if I was ready to push, push. As I began I could feel you getting lower and lower. At 9:47p.m. I gave birth to the most precious 8 pound 7 ounce 20 ½ inch long little boy named Levi Alexander Wadley. The nurse delivered you and the doctor walked in 5 minutes later! He missed it all! You cried as they were weighing you and taking your measurements. Mommy cried too because I was so happy you were her! Daddy went over by your side and began taking pictures. I called Nanny to let you know you arrived.

Shortly later they let me hold you for the very first time and I thought you were so perfect! I was also able to nurse you right away and you ate like a champ!
You have been a perfect addition to our family Levi. I love you with all my heart and I look forward to watching you grow and learn and thrive. Happy Birthday son.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Constance and her kisses

My daughter can be very affectionate. I say "can be" because she is 2 years old and sometimes she will willingly fling herself on you wanting hugs and kisses yet other times if you ask for a hug she will run away, cross her arms and lay flat on her bed to avoid the offensive hug. Ah, my silly, silly girl.

So the other day as she climbed up to her top bunk I followed her and asked if I could kiss her cheek. Surprisingly she said yes and I happily planted a kiss on her right cheek. Constance then leaned over and kissed BOTH of my cheeks! I asked her if I should do the same to her which she promptly nodded her head. So I kissed her other cheek and her forehead.

Not surprisingly she immediately began wiping away my kisses. As I said, she is 2. When she was done, Constance said, "Oh no! Where did the kisses go?" I told her that I didn't know and asked if I should kiss her again. She nodded her head and I was able to kiss both of her cheeks and her forehead once more. I just love this girl!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fast and Furious

Levi. Oh my busy, busy boy. He moves all the time. If not his body his hands move or his feet wiggle. I think he even moves in his sleep.

My son is also very determined to get away with whatever HE wants to do. Hey mom, what is wrong with putting daddy's magazines IN the toilet? Why can't I touch or pull things OUT of the trash can? Isn't this wet wipe that was just used to clean me tasty? Gross. I know.

So this evening I am preparing him for Pajama Lama time. After wiping him down I decide to put some diaper rash cream on him. Do I have it with me? No. Is my husband available to get some for me? No. So I rush to the kitchen leaving my half naked child on the floor. I thought I had put some cream on the kitchen counter. Was it there? No. I then look at the medicine bag that we keep in the diaper bag. Was it there? No. I walk back into the living room to find the floor empty. Where was Levi? A sound to my left makes me realize that he crawled from the other side of the living room, down the hallway and was half way in the bathroom by the time I was done looking for the cream. How did I miss him going by?

The chase was on. As soon as Levi knew he had been spotted he made a quick turn and was crawling as fast as his chubby body would allow into the bathroom. As I was getting closer to him I heard these little grunts of annoyance and possibly anger. He did not want me to get him! In no time I picked him up and his legs started kicking and his angry noises got louder! How dare I stop him!! And all this from a 10.5 month old.

I love you son but you can't run around half naked and get into things in the bathroom.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Memories Missing

I realized that by neglecting my blog I am forgetting some precious memories that I was to preserve. One would think that you could remember everything about the precious, tiring, and exciting baby/toddler days but in reality, you just can not remember everything. That kind of makes me sad. I want to jot down these memories so my kids can one day read them and giggle about themselves and each other.

So in review of the past 5 months-
*Constance is now 2.5 years old.
*She can talk in full sentences and says the cutest things.
*My personal favorites, "That sounds like fun!" "This is tasty." "Come on mama! Let's play with toys!"
*She is 32 pounds and wears size 3T in clothing and a size 8 in shoe.
*Constance loves, loves, loves fruit, especially strawberries.
*Other favorite foods- Pizza, crackers, Dora fruit snacks, and anything dealing with cake, cookies or ice cream.
*She has the silliest personality and loves to laugh.
*She has such a great imagination already and you can often find her carrying on conversations between her toys.
*She is a big help with Levi and is getting more affectionate with him. However she hates having to share her toys.
*Her hair is long enough now to put in pig tails and pony tails and I have started making my own hair bows for them.

Constance, Your daddy and I love having a little girl. You are so much fun and we love seeing you grow and change. We love watching you when we pray over our meals. You hold our hands and nod your head up and down. You are so smart and a huge blessing in our lives.
*Levi is 10.5 months old
*He has been crawling for awhile now and he is fast!
*He is also close to taking his first step. Yikes! Levi can stand up and sit down without holding onto anything and you can see his little mind working on how to do it.
*Levi has 6 teeth in. 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom
*At last check up a few months ago he weighed 23 pounds and was in the 97%.
*He wears 12 month clothing
*This boy loves to eat! Favorites would be crackers, cheerios, and bananas.
*He nurses 4-6 times a day.
*Levi rarely sleeps through the night. I try not to envy the mom's who say their kids have slept well their entire lives.
*He is soooo happy and has the sweetest smile and giggle.
*His back is very ticklish.
*He loves to play peak a boo
*While Levi is comfortable around others, he is such a mama's boy!
*He thinks his sister is the greatest thing next to his mama. His whole face lights up when she gets up in the morning. No one can make him laugh like Constance can.

Levi, You are such a busy, busy little boy! You love to be in the middle of everything. You are so very curious and never miss a thing. Your daddy and I love your sweet smile and your chubby belly is so kissable. We are so very thankful for you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More posts coming soon

Stay tuned for further, hopefully more regular, blog posts!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The kids

The Good-
Levi is such a happy baby and loves his big sister. His whole face lights up when she is near and does everything in his power to get her attention.
Constance is So smart. She repeats anything and everything and LOVES to read.

The Bad-
Lack of sleep. I am tired. Keith is tired. We are both oh so tired. You get the point. Levi thinks sleep is for the weak. He is using sleep deprivation to break us.

The Ugly-
I put a fresh, cloth diaper on Levi and put him in his bouncer seat. A short while later after listening to him complain I went to pull him out. As I was getting ready to I noticed that one side of his diaper had come off and poopy was getting on everything! Ugh! I took off the other side and carried my half naked child like he had the plague into the living room to be cleaned up.

I love my little family. The Lord has surely blessed us.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Kidos

I am blessed to have two healthy children and should be thanking God daily for that.

Quick update

Constance talks all the time. I can't keep track of all her new words. Yesterday when I was drying off her feet after a bath she giggled and said, "Tickle mama!" When she saw me walk in the living room today she ran behind the recliner. Playing along I asked, "Where's Constance?" A little voice from behind the chair answers. "Hiding."

Levi will be 5 months old next week! My goodness he is growing up so fast. He roughly weighs 20 pounds and eats anything I put in front of him. He has had rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas and green beans. He has no teeth yet but has been teething for awhile.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keith, Heather, Constance and Levi.....

is moving to Oklahoma! We found out about this new job for my husband a little more then a month ago and are moving this weekend! While I hate, hate, hate being so far from m family, I think this job will be very good for m husband. We are also gypsies at heart and love to move and travel. This is our first time moving with kids though so it will be very interesting.

I will blog as I have time....


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