Thursday, August 18, 2011

Constance and her kisses

My daughter can be very affectionate. I say "can be" because she is 2 years old and sometimes she will willingly fling herself on you wanting hugs and kisses yet other times if you ask for a hug she will run away, cross her arms and lay flat on her bed to avoid the offensive hug. Ah, my silly, silly girl.

So the other day as she climbed up to her top bunk I followed her and asked if I could kiss her cheek. Surprisingly she said yes and I happily planted a kiss on her right cheek. Constance then leaned over and kissed BOTH of my cheeks! I asked her if I should do the same to her which she promptly nodded her head. So I kissed her other cheek and her forehead.

Not surprisingly she immediately began wiping away my kisses. As I said, she is 2. When she was done, Constance said, "Oh no! Where did the kisses go?" I told her that I didn't know and asked if I should kiss her again. She nodded her head and I was able to kiss both of her cheeks and her forehead once more. I just love this girl!

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  1. Love it!!! Constance is at such a cute age. What a wonderful memory you have shared! She sometimes gives those kisses you ask for to other people, just to tease you (for example, her Nanny). LOL!



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