Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potato Potato Everywhere

Today was Constance's second day of homemade sweet potatoes. She took two bites and would not open her mouth for anymore. I got the "brilliant" idea to let her see the contents of the bowl. I tilted it her way and she trustingly put her hand in and got the orange veggie all over her hand. At first she kind of moved her hand some, a little unsure of this weird and gooey texture all over it. However it did not take her very long to decide that mommy must have given her a good thing. She hit the bottom of the bowl several times, spraying herself, me, her Bumbo and the floor with sweet potato. Given time she might have put her hands on her head but this time she left it alone and just had it spread all over her legs and hands. It was great! I put the bowl down to go start her bath water and when I came back she was reaching for the bowl, then successfully picked it up and flung it around a couple of times. I would have to say that this may have been the best day of her life thus far!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Potato Day

Today is sweet potato day! Thus far, we have fed Constance homemade squash and applesauce. She seemed to "like" the applesauce more then she did the squash but it still was not good to her. I will post sweet potato pictures later.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last night went better

Last night went better than it has in awhile. Constance, thanks to not having an early evening nap, was asleep by 8:30p.m. She woke up at midnight and her daddy rocked her back to sleep. Once she woke up crying but a quick rub of her belly and she was out again till 6:30a.m.!

Yesterday was also her second "first" food which was homemade apple sauce. While she ate more of the apples then she ever did the squash, Constance gave me some awful looks.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What is going on?

I am not sure when the last time Constance slept through the night was. I do not know what is going on with her. I do not think she is waking up hungry because I typically do not have to feed her in the middle of the night. Maybe you can solve the mystery behind what is going on with our daughter?

She wakes up crying. Not just once but on and off the whole night. What is odd is that she never fully wakes up. Her eyes, for the most part, stay closed. If we just leave her be, her crying continues and gets worse. We can get her to go back to sleep by rubbing her belly. That seems to help until she wakes up crying again. Keith and I do not think it is gas and we are pretty sure it is not teething (but of course we could be wrong on either of those). Any suggestions?


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