Friday, June 12, 2009

Pool Time

We pulled out Constance's frog pool for the first time on Monday. We put a little water in it first thing that morning and was going to let the sun heat it up and have her "swim" that afternoon. We did not get around to doing that till after supper. By that time the water was a bit chilly but thought it would be okay. With Keith videotaping and me putting our baby in the water, she quickly let us know that she was not a happy camper. She cried and I picked her up and placed her on her belly. She seemed to do better with that but was still not thrilled. So we ended her first pool time by wrapping her in a towel and outing some warm p,j,'s on her. Next time we will have to do it when the water is warmer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love vacations

We had a great vacation! We left town Friday evening, ate at CiCi's Pizza and drove to camp. When we got to the cottage later on that evening we were greeted with a fresh and clean cabin, a beautiful sunset and fish that were just waiting to be caught. Constance did wonderfully and over three days she mastered rolling….everywhere! One minute she would be on our rolled out blanket, we would turn out back for a minute or so and she would be under the coffee table, or by the door or trying to roll into the couch…. Another neat thing is she is trying to get the concept of crawling. She will push herself up as far as she can go and then try to get her knees to come forward. I do not think that by tomorrow she will be crawling but her brain is kicking into the fact that she has the power to move.

All day Saturday and Sunday was spent basking in the sun, fishing, reading, napping and enjoying time with each other.

Monday morning we woke up to a small surprise. Constance was sound asleep on her belly! What is unusual about this is that I did not lay her down to sleep on her belly. At some point during the night she rolled herself over.

Her one tooth has not developed any more, however, she has another one coming in right beside it!


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