Friday, June 12, 2009

Pool Time

We pulled out Constance's frog pool for the first time on Monday. We put a little water in it first thing that morning and was going to let the sun heat it up and have her "swim" that afternoon. We did not get around to doing that till after supper. By that time the water was a bit chilly but thought it would be okay. With Keith videotaping and me putting our baby in the water, she quickly let us know that she was not a happy camper. She cried and I picked her up and placed her on her belly. She seemed to do better with that but was still not thrilled. So we ended her first pool time by wrapping her in a towel and outing some warm p,j,'s on her. Next time we will have to do it when the water is warmer!


  1. You have the sweetest little girl I've ever seen. Such a precious lil' sweet pea! She looks like both of you. I'm sure I've said that before. You all hug each other for me! Love you chica!

  2. She is just full of life. I am so afraid of autism at this point. Nobody can tell us what is causing it and my fear of the unknown makes me point my finger at vaccines. I know that is illogical in light of the evidence but I don't want to bring harm on this little bundle of joy in any way.

    The pool was cool, literally. We will definitely need to heat it up next time.

    Daddy Moose



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