Friday, June 26, 2009

First Family Sickness

We have had/are having our first family sickness. Last week Keith developed a sore throat but it went away after a day. This week I started having a sore throat, which lead to feeling nasty and congested and I had a fever one evening. In some ways I feel better but I have developed a cough as well. To add to this week, Constance started having a fever last night. It was 101.7 and after giving her children's Tylenol it went down to 99.7. She slept fairly rough last night and woke up with her temperature still the same. Keith is going to call Constance's doctor when they open to see if they recommend anything.

Pray for us please!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Week

I just realized it has been several days since I blogged. Constance still does not like squash. We were supposed to make homemade apple sauce for her second solid food but I have had a cold for the past few days and have not been up to doing that. In a round about way, my daughter has already had an apple. On Father's Day (also the day we gave her her first squash) I was eating an apple and picked Constance up and placed her on my lap. Before I could stop her, my baby reached up grabbed my mostly eaten apple and promptly started sucking on it. I took it from her once but after much protest from her my husband and I decided to let her suck on the apple. She enjoyed that apple thoroughly!

I also went to my first "mom's meeting" at our church. I knew Constance would need to take a nap shortly after I arrived and typically standing with her and rocking with her would have her down quickly. She became fussy and as to not disturb the other women I stood with her and began to rock her. Constance would have none of that. She became louder so I quickly exited the room so I could get her quiet, asleep and be able to join the ladies again. My plan did not work. She just kept crying and crying. I knew I needed to leave but all my things were still where the other women were. There was nothing I could do about it so as quickly as I could I gathered my things and left. I was so embarrassed and frustrated. I do hope taking her places becomes easier.

The Good: It is an amazing feeling when Constance flings herself into my arms, puts her head on my shoulder and lets me cuddle with her.

The Bad: Twice this week she has woken up in the middle of the night. We do not know what that is about.

The Ugly: She had her first bad diaper after eating squash all this week. Thankfully Keith was home and changed her for me. Go Keith! He is such a good dad and awesome husband.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What time is it? Squash time!

Not only is today Father's Day but it was also Squash day! We gave Constance her first taste of solid food today. By default (meaning the only fresh veggie we had in our fridge) we choose yellow squash as the official first meal for our baby. With the moose bib on and the camera rolling I proudly gave her a bite of the homemade baby food. Her first reaction was not what we expected it to be. For the first couple of bites she showed neither enjoyment or dislike. Then it hit it. She gagged a few times and spit some squash out. She gave some nasty looks to go along with the food. It was great! Once we see that she is not allergic to the squash her next new food will be either sweet peas or homemade apple sauce.

We are making our own bay food if I had not mentioned that before. We will get fresh veggies and fruits and puree them for Constance. We also can puree meats and noodles! It is such a neat feeling to make your own baby food and the money it saves is amazing.

For Father's Day, Keith got his first tie today from Constance. It is green and has fish on it. He also has a shirt that says, "World's Best Father, Hand Down." What is cool about this shirt is that there is safe paint to go with it where we can put Constance's hand prints on the shirt. Later we are going bowling and eating some pizza.


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