Sunday, June 21, 2009

What time is it? Squash time!

Not only is today Father's Day but it was also Squash day! We gave Constance her first taste of solid food today. By default (meaning the only fresh veggie we had in our fridge) we choose yellow squash as the official first meal for our baby. With the moose bib on and the camera rolling I proudly gave her a bite of the homemade baby food. Her first reaction was not what we expected it to be. For the first couple of bites she showed neither enjoyment or dislike. Then it hit it. She gagged a few times and spit some squash out. She gave some nasty looks to go along with the food. It was great! Once we see that she is not allergic to the squash her next new food will be either sweet peas or homemade apple sauce.

We are making our own bay food if I had not mentioned that before. We will get fresh veggies and fruits and puree them for Constance. We also can puree meats and noodles! It is such a neat feeling to make your own baby food and the money it saves is amazing.

For Father's Day, Keith got his first tie today from Constance. It is green and has fish on it. He also has a shirt that says, "World's Best Father, Hand Down." What is cool about this shirt is that there is safe paint to go with it where we can put Constance's hand prints on the shirt. Later we are going bowling and eating some pizza.


  1. That's so cool that you're making your own baby food! Aren't baby faces the cutest, even when they're scowling about new foods? Ha! Keep up the good work, Mom!

    Love ya,

  2. If she likes squash, I've got plenty of it around here! My squash and zucchini are coming in by the bushels!
    She is a doll, btw! :) Embrace every moment!



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