Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Levi

Levi. My chunky chunk of a little boy. How I love your smiles and kisses. Mama is having a hard time realizing that you are no longer a baby. You are a little boy that wants to be included in everything and sees everything. Please forgive me for the times I overlook your feelings and wants because I forget that you are almost 16 months old. I had 21 months of practice with a little girl before you blessed our lives. I'm still learning how to manage a little guy!

You are into everything. You run everywhere. Forget about walking. You like to practice jumping. You really haven't had both feet leave the ground but you try. You love, love, love music. I wonder what you will be when you are grownup? I hope it will involve music. I see it in you. Music flows through your veins.

I love you my sweet little Levi toes.

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