Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keith, Heather, Constance and Levi.....

is moving to Oklahoma! We found out about this new job for my husband a little more then a month ago and are moving this weekend! While I hate, hate, hate being so far from m family, I think this job will be very good for m husband. We are also gypsies at heart and love to move and travel. This is our first time moving with kids though so it will be very interesting.

I will blog as I have time....

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  1. I'm glad Keith found a fellow gypsy to go with him. As long as you two lean on each other and God, I think you'll be just fine. Besides, who knows where life will take you! I'm very happy for you! By the way, thank you for loving my brother so much. It means the world to me that he has found a woman like you. Love you!



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