Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wet Baby

I had a blonde moment last night. My daughter had a wet diaper and I was in the process of changing her. My husband was on the computer and wanted me to look at some pictures that he was looking at. I had not put her diaper back on yet but decided she would be fine, diaper free, for a few minutes. Sure enough she wet again on the kitchen floor. Constance already needed a bath and Keith had just hopped in the shower. I figured that since she had just gone to the bathroom she would be okay for a few minutes to once again be diaper free. I set my naked baby on the living room floor as I was gathering her bath supplies…and you guessed it, she wet again! I just had to shake my head at myself and laugh as I hurriedly scooped up Constance and cleaned the floor.


  1. Very funny! At least it was just pee -- the other would have been a lot worse.

  2. I am glad everyone was amused by this. It is kind of like cleaning up cat excrements. Not fun for the person doing the cleaning (how in the world did my wife find it funny, I don't know?). I cleaned up the first puddle and was not too thrilled and jolly about it. I mean, shouldn't babies know how to hold their tinkle until it is tinkle time? So go ahead, laugh it up. I will remember you when you visit and it is time to change the really stinky diaper. Whose gonna laugh then?



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