Friday, June 19, 2009

Will it ever end?

I honestly believe that teething will never end. Seriously. She has been teething (or what we believe to be teething) ALL week long. Constance has not been her normal happy self and to top of our week her teeth have only grown just a tiny amount. Regardless to say I feel helpless in helping my baby feel better. Yes, we use oragel, teething rings, Tylenol, wash cloths etc… but you can't explain to a six month old why she feels the way she feels.

Today is Constance 6 month old birthday! Wow! Where has the time gone? One moment I am cuddling with a 9 pound mass of skin and fat and now I am wondering where my chunky wonder has rolled too.

Today is also Shot Day. She is only getting one, her DTaP. We hate the unknowns about shots. They are supposed to be helpful but more and more research reveals more problems with getting your munchkins these vaccines. Prayer. Lots of prayer is going into our baby.

We are still trying to decided what "first" homemade baby food to give her. Maybe it will be sweet potatoes. Maybe it will be squash. Maybe we will go against the "experts" and start with something sweet. Maybe we won't. Ha!

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