Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Night

In reference to what my husband posted…Saturday night was not a good night. After traveling all day we thought Constance would go to sleep fairly easily and sleep through the night. Our little girl was not asleep till 10p.m. Keith and I went to bed shortly after she did, just to be woken up at 11:30 or midnight with her crying relentlessly. My husband went to her room and got her up. We gave her some baby oragel (I believe I felt a tooth coming in on the top) and I fed her. She fell back asleep after eating her fill and I put her back in her crib. Within seconds, Keith and I fell back asleep. Later that morning (to be exact, 3 a.m.), I was awakened by Keith coming back in our room holding our crying baby. He told me he had heard her start to stir and thought he heard a basketball being dribbled. Sure enough when he walked into Constance's room you could hear our neighbor's kids next door playing basketball. They had woken her up! He handed me the baby and said he was going to go talk to them. So in his pajamas Keith goes out and tells the group of kids (in the nicest way possible) that they woke up his baby and asked if they would stop playing. The group seemed to respond positively even though on his way back to the house one of the kids honks the car horn. By the time he gets back Constance is finished eating, and I am trying to get her to go back asleep. Almost as soon as Keith lays back down in bed we hear that basketball being played with again. We really did not want to call the cops so Keith takes the baby (against my protesting) and goes and talks to them. He tells them that he does not want to call the cops and he is just looking for respect. One of the young men that was standing over there tells Keith that he understands because he has a daughter as well. Keith looks over at him in surprise and asked how old he is. He said he was 18. Keith then asked how old his daughter was. He said she was 3! Keith in not so many words told him he needed to stop doing the things he was doing that made babies. Things went smoother and I think having Constance present helped. They did not playing basketball and we all slept till 7:30ish.


  1. He handled that a LOT better than I would have. Tell him I'm proud of him for holding back from hurting those twirps. 3 am thoughtless! Yes, I think you may need a fan or something in Constance's room. It definitely drowns out other noises. Elijah still sleeps with one and I have to have the ceiling fan on or I can't sleep myself. Your little one may be cursed with light sleepness like her Aunt cause the slightest noise wakes me up. A fishtank with the little bubble maker may work too. Just something that's a constant hum or light noise that doesn't allow anything else in. Works like a charm. Of course, getting rid of your neighbors might work too. Ha! If only it were that easy...

    Love ya girl,

  2. The expression on Constance's face covered with green beans is priceless! What a huge personality she has already! I think Keith handled the basketball situation with a lot more grace and patience than I would have had if they woken up my baby at 3:00 in the morning. I think the fan idea is a great one for covering up some of the extra noises.

    Love you bunches,



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