Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eat More Chicken

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we gave Constance green beans for the first time. I had my camera ready so when she gave me a bad look after trying the green veggie, I could take a picture. I gave her the first bite and nothing happened. I gave her the second bite and still no disgusted face. She ended up eating a whole homemade cube of green beans. That has never happened before. That evening I heated up one more cube of homemade green beans and one cube of applesauce. She ate all of her apple sauce and most of her green beans. I am relieved because up to this point she has hated everything we have given her. We will see how she does today with it all.

Last night was cow night at Chick-Fil-A and the three of us dressed up and went to get our free meal. We love getting free meals. We were a bit concerned because when we pulled up to the building, all the families coming out of it were NOT dressed like cows. But we decided to be brave and went in anyway. As we were ordering a family of four, all dressed like cows came in as well as a single guy. The manger also gave Constance her first Chick-Fil-A cow! Our baby also sat in her first high chair while we were at the restaurant. We have one at home but it reclines a little. This one did not. Constance did very well and we had a great time.


  1. I am sorry that I am not hungry enough to dress up like a cow.... I'm sorry Miss Constance that your mom and dad dressed you up like a cow ant took you out in public...oh the shame of it all.... That is a real moooing story. I am glad you ahd a good time doing it. Maybe Miss Constance will have a little ham in her and she will enjoy dressing up with Mom and Dad. I better run. Cute pictures. Love ya. DAD

  2. In defense of cow's everywhere, I encourage everyone to eat more white meat. However, the tacos, spaghetti, and hamburgers that I had this past week just means that I encourage others to eat more white more so that I don't run out of red meat. Ha!

    We had a blast. I told the one family that came in that it was relief to see them and they agreed that we were a relief for them as well. One guy who only had on a cow crown tried to joke around with me about dressing up and I have to admit that I brushed him off since he didn't have the guts to go with a full body costume design. At least he tried...I guess you can call it trying.

    Just a note to all the blog followers out there, please remember not to play basketball at 3 in the morning in whatever neighborhood you live in. There seems to be a mixup with our neighbors and their kids regarding when it is acceptable to make noise and when it isn't. They were nice enough when they saw me in my pajamas asking them sleepily to knock it off but it took me going out twice before they knew I was serious. No cops involved, but I wanted to.

    Daddy Moose



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