Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have feet!

I made a great discovery today. I can see my feet again! Now some of you may be thinking why I did not discover this right after I gave birth. The answer, I just did not think about it before. I can now see my feet. I can paint my toenails in my favorite color of polish, black. I do not have to ask my husband (even though he was great while I was pregnant) to paint them for me. I can do it on my own! I can bend down without feeling uncomfortable and I am not out of breath when I stand back up! I do not have to pull the table further out just so I can sit down! I am fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes…not all of them…but that will come. I can sit on the couch and then get right back up again without my husband having to push me up! I can get out of bed normally instead of having to roll off! For that matter, I can sleep on my stomach again. I can think about certain foods, like potato soup, without wanting to toss my cookies!
If you have ever been pregnant you know exactly how I feel!!


  1. It's hilarious that you have been SO busy with baby Constance that you haven't had time to think about the fact that you can now see and paint your toenails!!! Yep, yep. I understand and can identify with everything! Love you, Mom

  2. Now that she has lost weight, I don't get the same exercise that I was getting before with helping her get around the house (out of bed, off the couch, into and out of the car). I am doing my best to be able to see my toes still and I am not pregnant, nor can I get pregnant but I guess that should be pretty obvious.

    Yeah for me, no more painting toenails!




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