Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not a whole lot going on

Well, there is not a whole lot to share!

Levi is now 2 months old! Wow these two months have flown by. He was supposed to get his 2 month well-baby check up yesterday but the van broke down and we could not make it. The next earliest date that the doctor will squeeze Levi in, is not for two more weeks. Very frustrating as I was looking forward to seeing how big he has become. He absolutely thinks his big sister is something special. Whenever she is near he finds her and just grins and babbles at her!

On a good note, our van is in working order again. The battery was completely shot. I am very thankful that I did not break down BEFORE getting to Keith's work as it was cold, raining, I did not have a cell phone and I had the two kids all by myself. It did die in the parking lot of the school.

Constance is so big and can say so many new words! She can be a demanding little thing! She is definitely a daddy's girl and gets so upset if he has to go somewhere without her. She loves her little brother and has been "caught" several times loving on him without our prompting. I think she is going to have a blast when he is able to interact more with her.

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