Monday, November 1, 2010

Potty Training

For the past several days, Constance has been showing signs that she can be potty trained. She can go all night without wetting in her diaper. She hates to be dirty or wet and comes to tell me every time she has gone. Once she has gone she wants a clean diaper asap.

I had contemplated trying to potty train in the near future however I started today. Why today you ask? In a very short amount of time Constance had two bad diapers and one wet diaper. She wanted to be changed immediately (which is fine for the poopy diapers but she could have gone longer in her wet diaper). I did not want to change her 100 time that day. So, I took the plunge.

I took off her last wet diaper and risked her being "diaper free" for awhile to see what would happen. Every 15 minutes or so I would have her sit on her potty. I did this so often because I was trying to "catch" her going and she could fully see what I wanted her to do. Sitting on the potty so often was frustrating her however so I will have to space out the times a little more.

Constance went roughly 2 1/2 hours without anything happening. Nothing in the potty. Nothing on the floor. Sigh. She now has a diaper on for her nap (I am not that brave yet). My plan is for when she gets up, I will see if she will sit on the potty so we can make the a habit from here on out. I will attempt the "diaper free" idea again just so I can see how often she would usually go...and of course, hopefully make it to the potty on time.

Now for a slightly funny story. My daughter is playing in her room without her diaper. I wonder to myself if it wouldn't be better if I brought the potty out of the bathroom and into whichever room she is in. She is playing with her Little People and I tell her that is she needs to go pee pee to sit on her potty. My little girl immediately stands up and starts scooting the potty towards one of her Little People Houses. I am getting excited! Is she really going to go potty for the first time? Once Constance has her potty in place she sits down...and starts playing with her Little People again. I quickly realized that she just wanted to have a seat while playing with her toys!

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  1. When I was potty training Megan I got a timer and set it so that it would help me remember to have Megan sit on the potty(it was too easy to get caught up doing something else so I needed the reminder.) We made a huge deal about the timer going off and sitting on the potty. For a little while I gave her stickers just for sitting on the potty when the timer went off. I know some people give a little piece of candy but I never did that because Megan liked stickers so much. Best of luck -- She will probably be doing it in no time.



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