Monday, March 1, 2010

We Communicated

My daughter and I went to Goodwill the other day. I had not been there in quite some time and had about an hour before needing to pick up my husband from work. Constance and I started in the front of the store and worked our way towards the back. Very quickly she became tired of sitting in the shopping cart so we went to the toy aisle. I figured I would let her hold something while we were in the store to keep her occupied. All the “nice” toys seemed a little pricey and I did not want Constance to become too attached to whatever object she held. I picked up a little stuffed kitty that looked clean and smelled fine. She loves her stuffed kitty that stays in the car so I figured she would like to hold this one as well. “Constance,” I ask holding up the stuffed cat, “do you want to hold the kitty while we finish shopping?” As I go to hand her the cat, Constance shook her head no and did the sign language symbol for no! So I put the cat down and we finished shopping without any problems. It was so cool though that she understood what I was asking her!


  1. doesn't that feel great??? you're doing a great job, mommy!

    i thought she was going to wrinkle her nose, like she does, indicating, "mommy you think it smells fine, i think it smells awful!"

    love the skunk picture!!! (speaking of stinky animals!)

  2. That's great that the communication was so clear--not something that happens all the time with a toddler, that's for sure! Perhaps Constance wasn't interested in the cat because she already had one of those in the car? It wasn't a novelty. Anyway, I'm glad she let you shop in peace after that! Love the new photos you've posted. Such a happy baby! Love you bunches, Mom/Nanny



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