Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good to the Last Drop

This started last week when my parents stopped through town to pick up their dog after being on a trip. My parents arrived, Constance woke up, and I fixed her a snack of mandarin oranges and milk. I am not comfortable with her eating a “whole” orange piece even though they are already small. I would hold up an orange slice for Constance and let her bite half of it, then she could eat the rest. Once she was done eating the whole orange she would suck on a finger or two of mine to get the rest of the juice off! It was so funny. Today I was munching on some leftover fried chicken strips and finished them off before my baby realized I was eating. She came over to investigate and I told her they were “all gone” and used the sign language symbol. She promptly grabbed my hand, smelled it and proceeded to lick the rest of the chicken off my fingers.

Another cute thing that has happened this week is when she kisses, she makes the “smacking” noise. I will have to try and get that on camera.

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  1. too funny, mommy! it ain't all gone til it's all gone!



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