Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lady Constance

On Saturday night my husband gives Constance a bath. I happily lay on the couch and await their return. When they are done, Keith brings a towel wrapped baby into the living room. Instead of putting on her pajamas right away I suggest we let her run around naked for a few minutes. She does not get much naked time even though she loves it. Keith agrees and sets our fully naked daughter on the living room floor. She squeals and of all things, takes off for her rocking horse. It is even funnier because she has not been very interested in her rocking horse in a week or so. Next thing we know, our naked daughter is happily rocking back and forth carrying a big grin on her face. We tried to take a picture but one camera was dead and the other ones frame is bent. Oh well. She will appreciate us not having that picture when she a teenager.

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