Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Typical Day

I will be 15 months old on Friday and this is what a typical day looks like::

-Since the time change, I wake up at 7:15a.m. Mommy sings to me as she promptly changes my diaper. I sometimes like to wiggle and squirm just to make things interesting.

-I eat breakfast after my diaper change. Mommy (or daddy if he is home) fills up my sippy cup with delicious whole milk. I quickly turn that over to see if any spills out of the straw. I then eat fruit, dried prunes and peanut butter toast. I pretty much eat that every morning because I am already a very picky eater.

-Once breakfast is over-mommy becomes mean. Can you believe that she thinks it is okay to wash off my hands and face? It makes me so mad and I do everything within my power to stop her.

- Now it is play time! Mommy puts me on my little couch where my baby doll, Lily, and my teddy bear, Grey Bear, are waiting on me. I grab Lily first, give her a kiss and talk to her while I point out her ears, eyes and nose. I then cuddle with Grey Bear and give him a big hug. After that I go from the living room to my room to the living room playing with and pulling out anything I can. I also love reading my books.

-Between 9 and 10.a.m. my mommy gives me a snack! I love snack time!

-I then play. Or fuss. Or play and fuss.

-Lunch is shortly after 11a.m. Sometimes I eat a great lunch, but usually mommy just has to stuff me with fruit. I am a great fruit eater.

-I then play again for a short time and mommy has my crib ready for nap time by noon.

-Unfortunately, I nap from about 12:20-2:20…on a good day. I personally don’t see why I need a nap.

-I wake up and get another snack! I am usually cranky at this time and don’t want mommy to put me down. So I get extra snuggles while eating. Then, after awhile I play again. Or I stay cranky and give mommy a hard time all afternoon.

-If it is a nice day I get to go outside and play. I LOVE being outside. Now that I can walk I can explore things quicker!

-Shortly after 5 is supper time! I then get to play some more. I also get to play with my daddy now that he is home. I love my daddy. My favorite game to play with him is chase!

-At 6:50 daddy gets me dressed and changed for bed, sometimes against my will. Mommy get my crib in order and makes sure that I have my favorite blanket, stuffed toy and pacifier. Daddy then brushes my teeth while mommy cleans up the living room and turns off all my toys that make noise. We then sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Mommy or daddy pray and then I get to rock with mommy in the rocking chair for a few minutes before she puts me in my crib for the night.


  1. oh my, heather, that's adorable!!! so funny, too!

    i play. or fuss. or play AND fuss! ha!

  2. I thought our favorite game was her just plopping down on me and getting zerberts or wrestled to the ground.

    Very cute post. Isn't it great to be a parent!

    Love you, babe,

    Daddy Moose

  3. hey, mommy!

    i gave you a blog award, the sunshine award!

    stop by my blog to receive it!


  4. Great blog on a typical day--thanks for sharing! Constance has the greatest smile in the world!

    Love you bunches,



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