Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Strep Throat

Last Sunday, Keith and I noticed that Constane was very cranky which is unusual for her. Her left ear looked red and she pulled on it some and had a runny nose. Sunday night was a rough night with her waking up several times. On Monday, her ear looked better and we had a slightly better day but she still had cold symptoms. Monday night was really rough with her waking up screaming. Constance woke up this morning a little cranky and I called the doctor and set up an appointment. The doctor looked in both ears, in her throat and listened to her breathing. All seemed fine. She then told me that she would do a strep test even though having strep in a baby so young is very unusal. Sure enough, that is what she has...Strep Throat. I have medicine to give her that should make her feel better pretty quickly. Poor baby!

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  1. Poor baby indeed! Many prayers for a quick recovery. Lots of Love, Sis



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