Monday, November 30, 2009

Hands on Head

I can’t believe that in two weeks and five days, Constance will be a year old! Looking at pictures taken over the past week I can see how big she is getting.

She also can do some really neat things. Our daughter still claps all the time and is so happy when she does it. She can put her hands on her head when we say, “Hands on Head,” and of course she claps for herself (and we clap with her) when she does this. Constance is not walking yet but we have noticed that she does not hold onto objects as firmly as she used to.

As for her eating habits, she seems to be a bottomless pit sometimes especially when it comes to Cheerios. Give her a small bowl with some Cheerios in there, and she is one happy baby. In a way, she is eating less solid food because she does not let me feed her purees (even the thicker kinds) as much as she used to. She likes to feed herself. That leads into other problems because she does not chew all food items with her teeth. So harder objects such has small bites of raw fruits and veggies or meat she often chokes on. I figured after Christmas I will start the weaning process. I am kind of hoping she starts weaning herself but so far she is not showing signs of doing that.

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