Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Right before we went to Gatlinburg, Keith and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We packed up the baby and headed to the pumpkin patch, which is one of my favorite places to go (and of course, Constance's first time). This particular farm has it all-sand box, huge tunnel slides, petting zoo, pig races, hay rides, corn mazes and more. Each person even gets to leave with a small pumpkin.

We all had a great time! Constance laughed at all the animals there (the pigs, goats, baby chickens, baby cow, donkey...). I quickly discovered that pigs have teeth! When we came up to the fence three little pigs came up and all of us were so excited for the photo opportunity. I was holding Constance in my lap with my hand being smelled by the pigs. While smiling big at the camera one of the pigs bite me. I guess my hand smelled like lunch!

We took the hay ride (well, we took a tractor ride, as the hay was not in there yet) but Constance was not fazed. We put her in the backpack carrier and she fell asleep in the corn maze. By the time we made it through the maze and waited for the tractor to pick us up she woke up again-and then it was time for pictures in the pumpkin patch. She was quite fascinated by the pumpkins and kept pulling on the stems and trying to taste them.

Before heading home I wanted to see how Constance would react to to the sandbox. I thought she would love it. However after putting her hands in it once she raised her hands and would no longer touch it! She also went down one of the big slides on daddy's lap. She did not cry but she did not look happy about it either.


  1. What fun y'all are having with that precious girl! She is really growing up!

  2. Oh mom, do I have to wear the hat? All the other kids will make fun of me.... It's really not thht cold out, see.... None of the other kids are wearing I'm sorry Constance. Love ya DAD

  3. I think you are both adorable in your hats. How wonderful to see the photos and hear all the new antics of our beautiful granddaughter! Love you bunches,Mom



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