Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long overdue

Thinking back over the past few weeks I realized I should have been writting things down that Constance has been doing so I could blog about them now. I guess I will start with the present and make my way backwards.

Twice this past weekend Constance would let go of whatever she was holding onto and stand for a few seconds before falling. The first time she did this, Keith and I both were able to see her!

We also think she can say "mama" and "dada" and can pretty much recognize who we are. For example, we went grocery shopping and we had her in the stroller. I am not sure what happened but she started to cry and we decided to pull her out. She said "dada" as Keith started to pull her out but realized he could not with the tray being in the way. I was able to move the tray on her stroller and reached down for her and she said, "mama." It was really neat.

We had a great time in Gatlinburg with some friends. Constance tried her first lemon at a local restaurant and did not seem to be affected by it. In fact, I think she rather enjoyed it. She also decided that she likes Cheerios as long as we break them in half or thirds.

I wanted to get a few bows for Constance just because I thought they would be cute. My mom and I went shopping and she bought two for her. The only problem with that is that Constance does not like anything on her head. So I have started "bow/hat" training and it seems to be going well.

She is working on tooth number 8...which means she wakes up at night. She gets a shot this afternoon though so maybe we can get one good night of sleep.

Constance is still such a good and happy baby! We love seeing your little personality come out.

She still loves her prunes and yogurt. Once we gave her a bite of hamburger meat and she acted like it was the worst thing she has ever tasted. The other day we gave her a few bites of roast and she seemed to like that. Pretty much anything that Keith and I eat, Constance will want a taste of. It is kind of motivationg to eat healthier because of that.

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  1. Love the penguin hat! I was out walking with my friend the other day and because it was cool we put a hat on her little boy (10 weeks). He immediately started crying and continued to cry for the next 10 minutes until we took it off. He then went right to sleep. Later that evening she tried the hat on him again and he did the same thing. Clearly, he does not like hats!



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