Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ding! Round 1

From time to time Constance and I have to wrestle to give her a clean diaper. She hates being still and I guess having a diaper changed is the worst thing ever. She screams and will cry and flail her body backwards. She will push her body up as soon as I get her clean diaper in place. She will try to roll over continuously (even if I have a good grip on her) just so I can not change her.

The other night we were having one of those moments. I had given my sweet baby a bath, which she loves. Bath time was over and I snuggled with her in her towel to keep her warm while we walked to the nursery. I set her on the floor where I had previously laid her pajamas and diaper. I lovingly lifted her ham hock legs and the fight was on. She started crying and tried to roll over. When I would get her diaper in place she would scoot her body and I would have to start all over again etc… I finally gave up and called my husband. “Honey, I need your help NOW please!” Keith came in to the room to see his naked daughter crawling away from me, and me holding the diaper in the air like a white flag surrendering.

We recaptured Constance and he went to work expecting a fight. I had to really look closely but I noticed that a halo appeared above her golden-brown head. She sweetly smiled at her daddy and even stretched out her plump legs so he could easily put the diaper on. Within seconds the ordeal was over and our wee babe was diapered. I think Keith purposely ignored the glare that was coming from behind him.


  1. Heather, What a wonderful picture of the entire event you have painted with words! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire scene, which I could see clearly. Children definitely have a mind of their own. Daddy's can be a novelty, which is why Constance behaved for him and not for you. I can picture the halo too! LOL! Love you bunches,

  2. Now Heather, I can't believe that MY granddaughter would do anything like that! Be uncooperative...imagine that. Halo, she must get that from me.... She doesn't look too happy with the bowling experience. Guess she didn't get the 7-10 split. Thanks for the chuckle. Love ya. DAD



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