Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ducks Who Want Revenge

I had two pieces of bread left over from lunch and I thought it would be a good idea for Constance and I to feed the ducks. We saw two innocent looking ducks floating lazily in the water and decided to give them the bread. What we did not know was that these two ducks were decoys-sweet little ducks that drew you in- just to have you attacked a second later. Before we knew it we were swarmed by nine angry mallards. From somewhere behind two more ferocious beasts where charging and giving us their best war cry.

The buggy and I were surrounded and there was no sign of the attack letting up. I had already tossed all the bread at them and was yelling at them to get back to no avail. They kept coming like a snake about to strike its victim. I kept pondering whether it was time to play some kick ball with the ducks. It then dawned on me to use the stroller. I tilted the stroller backwards where Constance was not in their line of sight and charged the angry mob forcing them to move. After I maneuvered my way around them I turned to face our attackers hoping that they would not re-group and try a new tactic. While all eleven of them were still yelling at us in duck-ese, they did not come after us again.


  1. I hate ducks -- they scare me. We only feed the ducks if Jeremy is with us and he stays between me and the ducks. Glad you got away from them safely. lol!

  2. That is awesome. The renegade ducks surrounding the wagon with the husband nowhere in sight to defend his family (cause he was at work mind you but still). I am glad you escaped so valiantly. I am so proud.

    Daddy Moose

  3. Ducks can be so aggressive--especially hungry ducks! In the summer time when everyone is feeding them, they are usually tranquil. But once it starts to get cold, and people don't go as often to feed them, they can be vicious! Glad you and Constance escaped safely. LOL!



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