Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are getting ready for a road trip

This will be my last post until we get back from our trip to Mississippi. I am a tad nervous about the whole thing. It will take us 5+ hours to get to Keith's family plus we will have to stop and feed Constance part way through. This will be her longest trip in the car. The weekend will be consisted of visiting all of Keith's family and friends so we can show off our daughter. On Sunday we are driving three hours so we can visit with my brother and his family and see our niece get baptized! On the way back to Tupelo we will stop and eat supper with some more family of Keith's… and then Monday morning we will head back home. I really hope (and am praying) that our baby will do well!


  1. Heather, believe me, you have it good. Billy did that to me in a restaurant, all over the floor and the high chair and himself. I was never so embarrassed.

    Don't worry about the traveling - you are more than a good enough mother to handle it. I've seen you in action, remember.

    Just relax and enjoy yourself.

    Love to everyone, give the baby lots of kisses for me.


  2. I hope you post about our first night home with me reading and Constance "talking". It was so cute.

    I am greatful that the trip went well but I am also very glad to be back home and not having to travel to see anyone. This was a very busy weekend. The baby did amazingly well. Hopefully she will be quick to adjust back to regular life here in C-ville.

    I agree with Aunt Debra, you are a great mom.

    Love you,

    Daddy Moose



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